Friday, November 12, 2010

What Comes Next?

It is human nature to want, to want bigger, better things for ourselves. We are always wanting from the day we are born to the day that we die. From basic needs like food, clothing and shelter we move on to more complex needs. We want friendship, respect, popularity, strong relationships and finally we want to find
that one special person for us. We seek love, we go above and beyond to find that our soul mate, the other half of our heart. But this isn't the end of our wants is it? Human wants are unlimited, the moment one is
fulfilled another arises and this goes on till the day we die. Another human trait is curiosity, we are forever curious. From that first day when we first discover our fingers or toes to the last day when we have travelled
the world, met billions of people, fulfilled a series of wants. They say curiosity kills the cat but, if that were true we'd all be dead wouldn't we?? It's funny this curiosity, it makes us do some of the strangest things. From
taking your father's car for a spin when you don't know how to drive, to crossing the atlantic ocean to search for that special someone! Curioisty makes us do funny, strange, beautiful and sometimes silly things. It's funny isn't it how we often focus on the future although the present is where we are? You've done it, I've done it, hell the whole world has done it too! Haven't you noticed how after breakfast you ask whats for lunch? And after lunch you ask about dinner? We are always asking about the future, about the things that will happen, the places we will go or the people we are going to meet. We all look to the future as though it has the answers to all our problems. Like it's this place where the rich and the poor are equal, where lovers will find their soul mates, and children who have no where to go and no one to love them will find happiness. I remember when I was a kid all I wished for was to grow up. To be able to drive a car, and go partying till the early morning. When I was 13 all i wanted was to be 18. We all fixate so much on the future, on what is to come that we tend to forget the present. Now when I look back and wish I had spent more time enjoying being a kid and less worrying about what the future will be! Bu sometimes we tune ourselves to the future to avoid the present. To forget the pains of that messy break up, or the fight  we had with our friends. People often think that the future will bring them happiness, they believe that happiness is a destination. But happiness isn't a destination, it's a mood. It's that one word, or gesture, that special song or moment when something you least expects happens. That time or that place which holds those special memories. Happiness is a feeling, a moment, a time when nothing but what's here and now matters. If we fixate ourselves on tomorrow, we are going to miss out on today! What's the present today will be the past tomorrow. So why waste time on thinking about tomorrow when you can enjoy today? It is human nature to want more, to want newer and better things, to hope tomorrow will be better than today. We live in hopes that the future will bring us peace and happiness and everything else and that's okay. But don't forget today just because tomorrow may be better. Remember to appreciate the present, to appreciate the small things. In the long run it's the small things, the small gestures which will truly give us happiness. Live each day to the fullest,  every minute like it's the last, and sometimes ask yourself what comes next?

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