Thursday, November 11, 2010

Guardian Angel

It was beginning of the new school year, 
Although it was first day, he did not fear.
As we gathered under the faithful chickoo tree, 
My friends did not notice, but I saw him look at me.

Sitting amongst my classmates I saw him for the first time
His smile, made a thousand bells chime.
Smiling and happy he stood next to another boy; 
His hands seemed to be fidgeting with an electronic toy.

As the days went by he came to be my friend, 
It never struck us even once, that his life was soon to end.
No matter how much pain he went through, 
He was always there for me and for you.

A lot of times he would not come to school, 
But when he did, he was always so cool.
He brought the same lunch day after day, 
No matter how he was hurting, he never walked away.

He was smart no doubt about that, 
And he was the king of combat.
Sometimes he would sneak out late at night, 
But when morning came he was always back.

One Saturday, whilst we sat in class, 
The teacher had come with news at last.
Our dear friend was now in pain, 
We weren't sure if we would see him again.

On Monday evening as we were on our way, 
To the hospital bed in which he lay.
We wondered what was wrong with him; 
He had become sick and slim.

As we approached to visit him, 
Faces were sad, and tears were thin
But no one who stood there could even say, 
And that September evening he passed away.

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