Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life is like a Pair of Shoes

This morning I woke up and I wondered what the hell I should get my best friend for her birthday. As I was thinking about it I realized maybe I should get her a pair of shoes. Everyone likes shoes, everyone needs a pair of shoes My friend likes to paint, she paints on shoes and so I thought she deserves a new pair of shoes to begin a new year.
Life is like a pair of shoes, they are born, they live and then eventually they die. But shoes unlike humans begin their life not when they are manufactured, but when they are bought off the shelves and taken home. Their journey begins when we first wear them; just like a new born baby, every shoe has that brilliant smell. We take such careful care of those shoes; we keep them clean and shiny. As each day goes by our shoes go places, see new things, and acquire new blotches and stains. However those stains don’t bother us that much because they become memories of things we have done, people we have met.
     Shoes are like people, no matter how similar two pairs of shoes look they are very very different. Every shoe defines the person who wears them.  Shoes are funny things aren’t they? They help protect our feet from getting hurt. Every loop of the laces, defines our different experiences. Shoes guide us in the right direction; they take us wherever it is we have to go. Every design and every pattern is unique, is special. Shoes tell people what we are, what we feel what kind of person we wish to be. They tell a story, a story of our lives, the places we’ve been and the places we’re going.
     Do you ever wonder why it is we wear the shoes that we wear every day? Is it because they look good with our outfit or is there a deeper meaning. For a long time I thought I chose my shoes according to what I’m wearing, but this morning I realized, I don’t choose my shoes to suit what I wear because they look good. It is because those shoes mean more to me than the other shoes; they hold a special memory of a person or a place. I have these shoes my friend left behind with me; I wear them at times because they make me feel closer to her. Its strange how even shoes can hold such fond memories for us. You’re cupboard isn’t full of just shoes that you wear every day; each shoe in there holds a special memory for you. Your shoe cupboard isn’t just another cupboard; it’s a box of memories. It’s the past, the present and the future all in one place at one time. Isn’t there a pair of shoes you wear more than the others? Why do you think that is? Think about it, maybe I’m wrong and maybe I’m not it’s all up to you.
     After days, weeks or even months of wearing those shoes they wear out. Just like every human dies one day so do out shoes. However, the memories we created in them never fade away, they remain with us forever more. 

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  1. Very nice Trini :) Very insightful and makes you think. Keep're a good writer and I'm happy you've taken this initiative. Remember, a blog is like a person, you need to keep feeding it for it to stay keep posting! And add more widgets to it. For instance, labels, recent comments, and under each post you have an option to add reactions like funny, interesting etc. so add those :) keep embellishing your blog with beautiful posts like this and you'll go places sweetie! :)